Also, picked up my mops today from my PO Box. The clerk was struck by the return address on the label!

Upon review of my fabulous mops aka ‘soon to be gifts’, I noticed on the tag that sales support Ovarian Cancer Nat’l Alliance. It made my heart smile immediately, as my Mom lost her battle with ovarian cancer this past January. I’m thrilled that my order supports the furthering of research for an answer to this quiet, deadly disease.

I will mop up with my head up, pleased that my mop play may help more than my damp brow!

Thank YOU all and happy holidays!



So cute…and fashionable!  No shame in taking it out of purse or bag for use.  So much better than using paper that leaves a bit of itself on my face just for fun, not!  Super absorbent and washes very well; seems like I get two for one as there are two sides attached to make one mop.  Love the shapes, design patterns, colors and packaging…not my grandmother’s handkerchiefs.  There is no better hanky for my thermostat malfunctions, NO BETTER!  I feel so strongly about the great find.  I decided to gift these out to friends with similar thermostat  malfunctions, as I ordered several and you thanked me for my order with an extra mop added to my collection of mops.  Three of my friends agree, so in this one order you now have four true fans who thank you ladies for answering our need with excellence! WELL DONE! KE


Just wanted to let you know that I received my prize from Barbara Younger’s blog contest.  I live in warm Albuquerque so it comes in handy for a variety of things – hot flashes for sure but I also try to walk and run a bit and it helps during that run time, too.  The size is handy as it fits neatly in my running shorts pocket.  I washed it for the first time  yesterday and it came out beautifully.


“I received my MenopauseMop and love it. It is small and fits nicely into my labcoat and it looks so much better than a paper towel. I love that I can wash it. Buy one (or more), you will love them.”


I had actually googled on ways to stay cool during menopause. There was a site ‘Menopause Goddess Blog’ which I opened. At the top of the page was a picture with a brief description of your product. I was able to access your specific website to find out more information on the Menopause Mop. The cute picture of it is what caught my attention enough to read about it. I liked the price & thought I’d check it out. I have used it & loved it. It’s small enough that it doesn’t draw attention. I’ve already told several friends about it.I hope this is helpful.


The first time my friend showed me her MenopauseMop I had to have one!  It’s so sweet and attractive that I never feel embarrassed to reach for it when a gentle dab on my cheeks is needed.  It’s small and washable and dare I say, fashionably funky.  I do not go out without making sure I have a “mop” in my pocket.


I would purchase the mop just to have this beautiful product around me! What a bonus to have form follows function. I am thrilled everyday when I take it out of my bag to use.


As a woman who is not a fan of her excessive perspiration, the MOP gives me a discreet and stylish way to wipe my brow for my shall we say unladylike times!


I’ve been at meetings and conferences when a hot flash takes over my entire body. I break out into a sweat and reach for the nearest tissue or napkin. I’ve even resorted to using my sleeve to wipe the perspiration from my face.
That’s history now that I have the MENOPAUSEMOP. I love the way it looks, the mesh bag it comes in. I carry with me everywhere!


Every time I’m experiencing a hot flash I take out my awesome MENOPAUSEMOP and wipe away. People ask about it and send them directly to the website.
I love that it’s washable. And, that it comes in a variety of fabrics.


The MENOPAUSEMOP is fabulous. I don’t mind the hot flashes as much as I did before. Instead of being embarrassed I pull the mop out of my bag and wipe my face. It’s a conversation starter for sure!


I don’t get hot flashes but I would buy one anyway.